Automotive illustrations inspired by love for motorsports

Varjo Designs is an alias I use for exploring world of graphics design. I specialize in motorsports and mainly focus on doing projects I care about ā€“ stuff that excites me or inspires me to do something new, something different, something beautiful.

Iā€™m quite flexible when it comes to different medias for expressing my style ā€“ always willing to learn new things and use my love for motorsport and design as a way to push through - even if it sometimes seems as if I have bitten something I might not be able to chew! If you are enthusiastic about cars or design, or if you might have a cool project for me, please don't hesitate to contact me!

What I mainly do


I design all kinds of racing liveries!


High quality vector illustrations

Web design

I'm a programming student

History lesson

I have been making race car liveries in Forza Motorsport since my early teens. I was fascinated by all the pretty race liveries people were running on their cars online, and needed to get some cool liveries for myself as well. Good liveries were hard to come by so I started making my own decals and liveries from early on... The early ones were pretty dismal, but over the years I've certainly grown wiser and found my own style!

I started learning illustrator few years back as I wanted to be able to do pretty illustrations and maybe realize my dream of designing an actual race car. Turns out illustrating cars took a lot of time, which wasn't an issue as a full time student but is pretty much unmanageable by now! I still use Illustrator a lot though, for various design needs such as logos, website components etc.

Some of my customers!

Don Joewon Song

Logos, brand identity, liveries, templates...



FaDa Racing

Logos, brand identity, Cayman GT4 livery

RWB Nordics

Web design

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