Automotive illustrations inspired by love for motorsports

Varjo Designs is an alias I use for exploring world of graphics design. I specialize in motorsports and mainly focus on doing projects I care about – stuff that excites me or inspires me to do something new, something different, something beautiful.

Vector illustration

I specialize in working with vector templates and designs. Whereas most computer art is based on pixels (like photography), vector art is essentially defined shapes and paths that let the computer to draw the image.

This results in infinitely scalable, recolorable and editable artwork.


I have been designing racing and drifting liveries for over an decade now. Mostly as a hobby, but occasionally for real vehicles, E-sports or competitions.

I can provide profesional level vector artwork that any vehicle print shop can apply. I’m also happy to work within different medias, for example within games.


I work professionally as a web developer and web designer, and can help with websites, e-commerce or web design.

I love racing liveries

I design custom liveries that stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get technical

I specialize in detailed vector illustration.

I can see it from the pixels

Sometimes pixel art just makes sense. Here’s my fan edit of 2022 F1 car.

Web design and development

I work professionally as a web developer and UI/UX designer.

Forza Designs

Yet most people will know me for liveries I do in Xbox’s Forza game series.

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