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Forza Horizon 5 promotion livery

Before Forza Horizon 5 launched, Microsoft approached me and commissioned a livery for use in their release marketing for the game.

3rd tammikuu 2023

I was requested to pair up with a youtuber known as ZoiooGamer, and create him a livery to use for game launch promotional purposes. He requested to get a livery for Koenigsegg Regera hypercar.

Koenigsegg has a very nordic and clean design language for their hypercar line up, and Regera is no exception. Its surface design is purposeful, clean and elegant, which I wanted to respect an emphasize with the livery.

I started by following the main body lines to separate different panels, and separated the panels with contrasting red and dark gray layers. I then separated those with white pin striping that follows the strongest bodylines of the car. This white pins triping ebbs and flows to contour the body line and add increased interest in the design.

I made the red areas fade into the gray areas, in order to tone down the overall look a little without having to decrease the high contrast on points of interest. The agressive contrasts on points of interest give power and menace to the car, while toned down areas are keeping it elegant overall. This is a personal preference, as I prefer cool and understated designs over attention demanding high contrasts and strong color combinations.

The logo decal placement is conservative but purposeful. The logos are easily readable, and main decals are placed and emphasized to bring viewer attention to them.

For further sense of detail and bespokeness, I designed a highly detailed sharpie art style pattern for main side panels. This artwork is custom made for these panels, and compliments the body shape. Keen eyed viewers will note that it is also carried on to the front pressure releaving air tunnels on sides of the front bumper. The contrast is mostly low to keep it elegant, but a red gradient glow fitting of ”gaming look” was added on top to help emphasize the YouTuber brand decal.